TMJ syndrome

TMJ syndrome is a complex disorder affecting — in different ways and to different degrees — the jaw joints, facial muscles, facial nerves and surrounding tissues. Scientists are uncertain about the causes of TMJ disorder, although stress, hormonal fluctuations in women, misaligned bites (malocclusions) and teeth grinding are considerations.

Symptoms of TMJ disorder are also expansive. You might experience chronic jaw pain while others have persistent neck pain or earaches. Thus, there is no one-size-fits-all treatment for TMJ. And though treatment of TMJ syndrome is not recognized by the ADA as a dental specialty, many dentists do have experience and expertise treating patients with TMJ. These professionals often go by the name “TMJ dentist” or “TMJ specialist.”

A TMJ dentist or TMJ specialist can customize a treatment plan that addresses your specific problems and eases your particular ailments. According to the TMJ Association (TMJA), there are approximately 50 types of treatments for TMJ disorder.

Severe pain that persists for weeks generally means it’s not going to get better without the help of a TMJ dentist. Schedule an appointment with our office today, we look forward to treating you.

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